Impact of Policing

Work Environment

As part of their work, Queensland Police employees may personally experience or witness a range of potentially traumatic events and/or violence. Many feel that exposure to traumatic events is the cause for most stress, however the workplace culture has a significant impact on an employee’s wellbeing.

Research suggests where there are higher levels of collegial support in the work environment and more open communication about the emotional demands, there is a decrease in distress, and in turn reduced rates of mental health conditions.

This diagram describes the range of mental health—healthy, reacting, injured and ill—and gives examples of what supervisors can do for employees who are experiencing characteristics within each part of that range.

What Can Supervisors Do?

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

A mentally healthy workplace is one that:

  • promotes workplace practices that support positive mental health
  • eliminates and minimises psychological health and safety risks through the identification and assessment of psychosocial hazards
  • builds the knowledge, skills and capabilities of workers to be resilient and thrive at work
  • is free of stigma and discrimination
  • supports the recovery of workers returning after a physical or psychological injury

The benefits of a mentally healthy workplace

A mentally healthy workplace is one that fosters:

  • a decrease in work-related injuries and illnesses
  • a decrease in workers’ compensation claims
  • thriving workers
  • an increase in productivity
  • a decrease in absenteeism
  • an increase in engagement and job satisfaction
  • a decrease in turnover and selection costs
  • an increase in attraction of top talent

The Queensland Government have developed a toolkit which aims to help employers, managers and leaders eliminate and minimise risks to psychological health, and create workplace environments that are mentally healthy.

Click on the link below and use the guidance material and practical tools in this toolkit to facilitate positive steps towards a mentally healthy workplace.

QPS have support services available to you –