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QPS Injury Management

The Qld Police Service Injury Management Program aims to provide a workplace rehabilitation framework for early and sustainable return to work, with a focus on work capacity.  

Assisting employees to return to work, supports the therapeutic process and recovery from injury, reducing the likelihood of poor mental health outcomes and other psychosocial issues that can contribute to lengthy disability and long-term absence.

The Injury Management Centre employs a Senior Injury Management Advisor (SIMA), and a number of Injury Management Advisors (IMAs) to support employees experiencing work and non-work-related medical conditions, illnesses or injuries.

The SIMA or IMA work with you and your family (if you provide authority to do so) and other key people involved in your rehabilitation from injury.  Your treating health professional (GP or Specialist) is pivotal to this process as they are aware of your treatment needs and your work capacity and are best placed to guide yourself and the QPS on these matters. The SIMA or IMA will liaise closely with your treating health professional (in writing) and will also on occasion participate with you as an injured or ill employee and your treating doctors to guide the rehabilitation process. This can be very helpful for you and your treating health professional, as it provides an opportunity for you to raise matters which may be of concern or ask questions about the process.

Injury Management can offer the Early Intervention Treatment Program (EITP) to ensure you are able to engage with a psychologist or psychiatrist of your choice as soon as possible for the best possible outcome.  

On occasion depending on the complexity of your injury or medical condition an external rehabilitation consultant may also be employed to assist with the management of your case.  Likewise, ergonomic workstation assessments or functional capacity evaluations can also be arranged to support you.  Where WorkCover Qld are involved the SIMA or IMA will liaise with the case manager to ensure a collaborative approach. IMAs are committed to supporting all QPS injured or ill employees to reach their best possible rehabilitation outcome.

Please liaise with your SIMA or IMA regarding your communication needs, the support which best suits you and consent for your treating health professional to play a role in the return to work/work capacity process.