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Alcohol and Drug Testing Coordinator

ADTC is available to all members to access information, support and treatment associated with their personal use of alcohol or other substances. Assistance is voluntary, confidential and funded by the QPS.

For more information [email protected]

Conflict Management Services

Conflict Management Services provide a consultancy service offering practical assistance and support to all QPS members seeking to resolve negative workplace behaviours.

Early Intervention Treatment Program (EITP)

EITP involves the QPS funding three consultations, each one an hour in duration, with either a registered psychologist or psychiatrist of your choice. EITP is available to assist in addressing psychological symptoms that are significantly impacting work functioning, and requires a referral through either Employee Wellbeing or Injury Management.

First Nation Support Network

The QPS First Nations Network’s objectives are to provide welfare support, professional development opportunities, and support recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the QPS. Find the First Nations Support Network on Workplace.


HealthStart offers a free, voluntary and confidential physical health program for all QPS members.

Injury Management Advisors

Injury Management Advisors provide case management for injured or ill employees, be it work related or non-work related. They assist employees to rehabilitate in the workplace and return to work after a period of absence.

Using a case management model, they engage with the injured or ill employee, their treating medical specialists, any support person(s) and supervisors, to provide the best medical outcome for the employee. They can assist a worker to identify avenues for early intervention treatment (i.e. obtaining a referral to an external psychologist/counsellor, internal health and fitness services and drug and alcohol support). They further assist in navigating through the WorkCover process and can be a point of contact for the employee when requiring any other assistance (i.e. transport arrangements, house cleaning – where applicable).

LGBTIQ+ Support Network

Provides a dedicated LGBTI+ Support Network, offering resources and providing internal and external support services where appropriate. The coordinator can be contacted by email at: [email protected]


ITouch base with your immediate supervisor to discuss your concern and/or support needs. A quick and easy resolution may be possible.

Peer Support Officer (PSO)

Your local PSO volunteer will offer an empathetic ear and peer perspective and approach, with an understanding of local dynamics.

Police Chaplaincy

Your local Chaplain is available to offer confidential and multi-faith pastoral care and spiritual support to you and your family. 

Psych Health Screen

The Psych Health Screen is an pulse check into your mental health. The program consists of a brief screen and a follow-up interview with an Occupational Psychologist to help connect you to relevant supports where appropriate.

The Not Your Therapist Podcast
QPS Senior Psychologists/Social Workers

Your local senior psychologist or senior social worker offers a confidential, voluntary counselling service for work and personal issues and is able to refer to external health care providers.

Rehabilitation Coordinators

The role of a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (RRWC) is to help colleagues return to their job after an illness or injury. 

Rehabilitation is a step-by-step process, allowing injured employees the opportunity to return to work as early as possible. Open and timely communication between the injured employee and the RRWC allows for a smoother process and better overall outcomes for the employee’s health and recovery. 

A RRWC will be assigned to your case and assist in your rehabilitation. Your RRWC can help with filing medical certificates, communicating with your Injury Management Advisor (if needed), being a point of contact between you and your workplace, and assist in finding suitable duties (if required).

Your Injury Management Advisors will allocate you a RRWC.


A confidential solution-focused counselling service available 24/7 provided by Benestar, an external, independent, professional employee assistance provider. This service is provided free-of-charge to all current QPS employees, their parents and children, and retired QPS officers.

1800 277 478
1800 4QPS DFV

A confidential solution-focused counselling service for QPS employees impacted by domestic and family violence. The service is provided by Benestar, and external, independent employee assistance provider and is offered free-of-charge.

1800 4777 338
1800 Speak Safe

Speak Safe is an external, independent and confidential therapeutic support service that specialises in workplace bullying, unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment.


1800 773 257
equipt (App)

Equipt is a free wellbeing app for current and former QPS employees and their families. Available to download from the App Store or Google Play, Equipt provides tools and practical strategies to help strengthen physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

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Fact sheet (pdf) providing information about external and internal
support services for QPS employees and families.